Imagine Books & Gallery

Address: 84 Oxford Village, 9 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest, KZN
Contact Person: Steven Duckworth
Country of Origin South Africa
Trade Association: SABDA
Additional Info: Imagine Books & Gallery was established in 2001. Areas of focus: Natalia, General Africana, Modern First editions, antiquarian literature, and paperback novels (new and second-hand). We are open 6 days a week (closed Sundays), and customers are most welcome to visit us in the lovely surroundings of the Oxford Village rose gardens, and enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace.

Lots in Auction #39

Lot Author Title Reserve
236 Hickey, Tom (Ed.) William Kentridge - Fragile Identities $45
237 Scott, Gillian Ardmore - An African Discovery $30
238 Comaroff, John L. (Ed.) The Boer War Diary of Sol T.Plaatje $30
239 du Plessis, I.D. The Cape Malays $20
240 Halford, Samuel James The Griquas Of Griqualand $25
250 Botha, C.Graham Social Life In The Cape Colony In The 18th Century $25
251 Penn, Jack The Right To Look Human (signed copy) $30
252 Hole, William Scotia Regnum $300
253 Morden, Robert England $500
254 Blaeu, J. MIDDLE-SEXIA $300
288 Goldblatt, David Some Afrikaners Revisited $50
383 Maxwell, Marcuswell Elephants And Other Big Game Studies From The Times $20
384 Balfour, Alice Twelve Hundred Miles In A Waggon $40
385 Heald, Madeline Some Early Rhodesian Women $25
386 Schumann, C.G.W. The World Depression, South Africa And The Gold Standard $30
387 Forbes, Patrick 6th Guards Tank Brigade $50
388 Van Rensburg, Hans Their Paths Crossed Mine - Ossewa Brandwag Memoirs $30
389 editorial committee Langalibalele And The Natal Carbineers $25
391 Ronalds, Alfred The Fly-Fisher's Entomology $150
406 Becke, Maj.A.F. The Royal Regiment Of Artillery At Le Cateau, 26 August 1914 $40
407 Johnston, R.E. Ulundi To Delville Wood $30
408 Cook, Sir Albert R. Uganda Memories (limited, signed copy) $300
415 various The First Ten Penguins (box set) $70
420 De Jager Jackson, Alfred Manna In The Desert - A Revelation Of The Great Karroo $25
421 Mossop, G. Running The Gauntlet - Pioneer Adventures In South Africa $30
422 Martin, A.C. The Durban Light Infantry - 2 Volumes, De Luxe Edition, signed and numbered. $80
445 Brickhill, Paul Reach For The Sky (signed by Douglas Bader) $150
447 Johnston, R.H. Early Motoring In South Africa - A Pictorial History $20
449 Laidler, P.W. The Growth And Government Of Cape Town $30