About Antiquarian Auctions

AntiquarianAuctions.com is an online rare book auction site for collectors and dealers worldwide. All sellers are recognized book dealers who have been vetted before being allowed to sell on AntiquarianAuctions.com. This enables buyers to bid with confidence.

How it works?

Auctions run every 5 weeks. They start on a Thursday evening at 16.30 GMT and end the following Thursday at the same time. This allows buyers time to view, bid or to contact sellers for additional information and photographs if required. To determine if an auction is currently running look at the auction status in the left panel.

During the 5 weeks between auctions sellers upload books they wish to sell on the upcoming auction. A preview of the auction will appear on the homepage 2 weeks before the auction begins. Full details of the lots are available except for the sellers' details which will be available once the auction has started. Lots may be uploaded by sellers up until the auction starts.

Once the auction has finished an email is sent to the buyers and sellers stating what has been bought and sold. It is the responsibility of both the buyer and seller to contact one another to organise payment and shipping.

There is no buyer's premium charged on Antiquarian Auctions

2014 Auction Calendar

Auction # Date
40 22 - 29 January
41 5 - 12 March
42 16 - 23 April
43 28 May - 4 June
*Auction dates subject to change.