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Author Title Hammer Price Seller
Stokes, Ralph, and others; Schmitt, C O;Jeppe, C Bicard Historical Witwatersrand gold mining collection (4 vols, 1919-1946) $ Fontein Books
E S A Antrobus Witwatersrand Gold - 100 Years $50 BOHEMSKYS
HATCH F H & CHALMERS J A The Gold Mines of the Rand $80 Africana Books
GUEST H Klerksdorp's Fifty Years of Mining History (Inscribed by author) $70 Africana Books
Editor Three Saturday Issues of THE DIAMOND NEWS AND VAAL ADVERTISER July 1st/ 8th/15th.1871 $150 Quathlamba Winds Books
Angove, John In the Early Days. Reminiscences of Pioneer Life on the South African Diamond Fields (1910) $58 Fontein Books
Taylor, William P. African Treasures - Sixty Years Among Diamonds and Gold $88 Imagine Books & Gallery
Beet, George The Grand Old Days of the Diamond Fields $60 Imagine Books & Gallery
Haughton (S.H.) GEOLOGICAL HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA $30 Pringle Bay Books
Oswald Doughty EARLY DIAMOND DAYS. The Opening of the Diamond Fields of South Africa $20 Quathlamba Winds Books
Taylor, William P African Treasures. Sixty Years Among Diamonds and Gold $68 Fontein Books
P S Sohnge The Geology of the Messina Copper Mines and Surrounding Country $71 Mantis Books
AMM F L The Geology of the Country around Bulawayo $37 Africana Books
Williams (Gardner F.) THE DIAMOND MINES OF SOUTH AFRICA $350 Clarke's Africana & Rare Books
CHEMICAL & METALLURGICAL SOCIETY OF SA Proceedings Volume II 1897-1899 $30 Africana Books
Cornell (F.C.) THE GLAMOUR OF PROSPECTING $158 Clarke's Africana & Rare Books
A P Cartwright THE GOLD MINERS (FULL LEATHER EDITION) $65 Fortunate Finds Bookshop
Hocking, Anthony Randfontein Estates - The First Hundred Years $30 Imagine Books & Gallery
Hocking (Anthony) KAIAS AND COCOPANS The Story of Mining in South Africa's Northern Cape $ Pringle Bay Books
Showing records 1 to 20 of 50 records
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