Past Auctions : Africana

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Author Title Hammer Price Seller
Ogilby (John) AFRICA $ Pringle Bay Books
John Bird THE ANNALS OF NATAL 1495-1845 Volumes 1 and 2 $ Pringle Bay Books
J. H. Soga THE AMA-XOSA: Life and Customs $120 Pringle Bay Books
Thomas Sutton THE DANIELLS Artists and Travellers - De Luxe Collectors' Edition $289 Pringle Bay Books
John B. Wright Bushman Raiders of the Drakensberg 1840-1870 (Signed) $50 Ike's Books and Collectables
Gail van Lingen Battlefields of South Africa $50 Ike's Books and Collectables
J.F. Ingram Natalia: A Condensed History of the Exploration and Colonisation of Natal and Zululand $ Ike's Books and Collectables
Ward (Mrs) Jasper Lyle: A Tale of Kafirland (1851) $ Richmond Books and Prints
Moffat, Robert Scenes and Services in South Africa (1876) $53 Richmond Books and Prints
Ward, Harriet Five Years in Kaffirland. With sketches of the late war in that country, to the conclusion of the peace. Written on the spot (2 vols; first ed, 1848) $ Fontein Books
Stanley, Henry M How I Found Livingstone; Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa; including four months residence with Dr Livingstone (first edition) $615 Fontein Books
MOLYNEUX Major General W C F Campaigning in South Africa and Egypt $ Victor Sutcliffe
MAYNARD Captain C C M Military Report on Angola (Portuguese South-West Africa) $ Victor Sutcliffe
Ruth Gordon The Place of The Elephant- BOXED (Signed Limited Edition) $40 Quathlamba Winds Books
Simon Haw Bearing Witness- The Natal Witness 1846-1996 $ Quathlamba Winds Books
Meiring-Jane(Vol 1) Bradlow, Dr Frank, and Dr Dale Kenmuir(Animals) Volume II THE ART OF EDMUND CALDWELL- Two Volume Unmatched SET-Limited Edition $ Quathlamba Winds Books
Roberts, Brian. KIMBERLEY: turbulent city. $ Select Books
De Kock, Eugene. A LONG NIGHT'S DAMAGE: working for the apartheid state; as told to Jeremy Gordin. $70 Select Books
John Ayliff and Joseph Whiteside HISTORY OF THE ABAMBO Generally known as Fingos $ Pringle Bay Books
R. Godlonton and E. Irving NARRATIVE OF THE KAFFIR WAR 1850-1851-1852 $80 Pringle Bay Books
Showing records 1 to 20 of 147 records
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